Advertising Hollywood.

Advertisement, since it’s origin, has been produced in a variety of ways. I mean marketing itself is in such an easy era of getting known or famous. (Via– the avenues of social networks [YouTube, Blogs, Twitter, Instagram], films, stickers, street art, ect.) Thanks to the advancement of technology, anything or anyone can get recognized more than ever now. What an era. And with the current generation’s obsession of self-recognition, street marketing is bigger than ever, (open your eyes around your community, it’s everywhere). Everyone’s an entrepreneur nowadays. Is street marketing really worth an investment? Yes. It’s free to place, (vandalism, okay, art exposure—yes) and you’re in control of the demographic that sees it (the busier, the better)…for some brands like (Vans) it’s been quite the brand recognition ride.

But the world is filled with advertisement. And the most distracting thing in the world is..? Entertainment. If we’re not outside getting distracted by big board advertisement, we’re inside, comfortably sitting in our homes getting distracted by television or any other communicative technology that leads to the outside world. The Hollywood economy is a multibillion-dollar industry. And with this, brings about a lot of other business (meaning plenty subliminal drops of brand exposure in your favorite flicks with your favorite movie stars.) And the public loves to be amused. It’s interesting to realize how many of us try to emulate our favorite stars and what they’re consuming or what they’re wearing. (You’ve never purchased food after seeing it in a commercial? The lies.) But this is business, you are the consumer and money is to be made, end of story. Hollywood like advertisement stands for one thing—deceiving the eye of the beholder.

Brand recognition has gone as far as the movies, it’s hit music (primarily mainstream music and it’s mass marketing level of consumption.) Brand shout-outs in music have been around since big name businesses realized the amount of marketing that is available through music (this is BIG money). And marketing has been concocted on one highly profitable industry—the hip hop community, so don’t get shocked in a songs where brands are repeatedly used without thinking money was the exchange of this tune-worthy-advertisement-deal. This is the modern day marketing tactic that is forced upon successful musicians, or rather shall I say “musicians” to say they like or use certain products or brands simply to convince you to eventually purchase them. Oh yes, Hollywood!

Ah, think of the bigger picture here, this is business, this is an industry where money is to be made—and, as someone reaching within the industry, you couldn’t be in a better time if the mass need of specialists in art, social networking and overall communication.

But, hey, everything has its pros and cons, right?


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