The Great Communicator

So I decided to have a random spiel today, relating to the most talked about existence on this planet: art. Some of this is poetic, most of it, is truly a spiel; as of to why we, as a generation that is so hungry for fame and attention, need to stop and just take in the beauty. The world is too beautiful to worry, too passionate to ignore and too enlightening to be exhausted. And for a line of field that is so manipulated, let’s enjoy the simplicities of it’s essence.

Art is always of the subject.

If art didn’t exist, neither would sanity, or insanity in that fact.

Art creates, art describes, art imposes.

Tangible and intangible.

Sometimes dark, sometimes twisted.

Sometimes moving, sometimes confusing.

But forever inspiring and forever healing.

These are the thought provoking ideas, that create the new perception.

Art is the great communicator of the world; it sheds the light…that words cannot.

And that’s why so many people fall into this particular line of work.The art world, according to, is always in demand. Creativity is always in demand!?  Well, duh. (To be a business owner, you must be creative.) To put it simple, it’s a moneymaker, and you better believe it’s cashing in.

From fashion design to graphic design, art is in clothing, it’s in words, it’s in food, it’s in ink (and I’m referring to tattoos, of course). Defining it here, now, is not only absurd but also unrealistic.

It’s just so damn captivating, and distracting in that fact. (Sounds like a celebrity of it’s own.)  It lures the curious mind, and creates appeal.

Quite the charmer.

It appears on us, by us, and within us.

It’s equivalent to air, without it, we’d suffocate.

The thought of its non-existence makes the world seem—nonexistent.

(If you don’t think you see enough art, take a step outside, and escape to it: it’s everywhere!)* For the most vaguely interpreted subject by my generation (everyone wants to be an ‘artist’ nowadays) but without explaining what it means to you or for you, where will you find success within it? Passion is everything, and without passion—art dissipates.

With that being said:

What is art to you, what does it do for you, is it in sound, is it in words, is it another form of communication for you?

Whether you produce, sing, write or paint.

Whatever you do, just continue to create.

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