From the Inventory Room:


Whether your rocking form fitting tops or oversized tops, in either direction, finding a unique way of flattering your overall top half, is a must this season (considering all of the other fashionable trends that we’re highlighting this season). High/Low skirt trends have been very trendy this past season, appearing very short versus very long, and all the in-betweens you can possibly get. But imagine if we took this to tops? (Where this seems a little bit more flattering if you ask me). Get your fashion thoughts!



Prints and high volume colors are HUGE this season, and we see a dramatic color combination between them all. Isn’t this artsy of the fashion industry? To include art prints as a primitive this season? In a season of monochromatic meets color combinations, where would we (the fashion consumer) find our middle ground of this edgy color concept versus our own femininity? Well, I guess that means one thing. Shop for all your fashion questions (because we might just have the answer.)



Vintage plays a HUGE role in the everyday-every year fashion season. And what I mean when I say this, is that the industry uses the past to play an effect on it’s future. With this being said, play close attention to returning retro fashions this season, (especially from the 60s/70s era). So keep an eye for tighter tops, prints/color!, looser pant lines, and natural funky fresh energy. Shop this ROMPER now!

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