Fashion Picks of the Week!


This week we’ve been product focusing Showcasing some of the season’s hottest new trends in retail fashion. (From the print trends to the shoe trends to the everyday trends, we carry them all!)

Stanzino Product Focus #7:

Stripes! Pattern trends have a tendency of revolving in fashion and this applies to just about every print in high fashion (think tribal,floral, geometric shapes, ect!) The best aspect to stripes is it’s illusion factory: notice how certain stripes make you appear larger rather others make you appear thinner? Crazy, right?! Shop stripes in tops, dresses and more! 


Stanzino Product Focus #8:

Floral, for this season is as popular as ever. We see this trend popular in pants/skirts this season. But why? Femininity and the sudden revival in expressing femininity is highly valued in high fashion right now (so it’s appearance in retail fashion should be a surprise, now is it?!) Finding sophisticated ways to rock any print, especially floral, is always in!


Stanzino Product Focus #9

Maxi Dresses, which have grown in popularity in the last 5 years, have come full circle in their evolution to the top (in the fashion world that is, how dramatic huh?!) Being a not-so-beach fashion anymore, these little body accentuating dresses are as in as ever (notice them in every Melrose shop and you’re feelings on their California-Culture fashion sense will seem to lighten). This particular fashion is popular in the floral print (which is HOTT this season) and finding them with slits in the skirts are also trendy this season. Everyone wants to recreate the 90s nowadays huh?

Recreate the era that redefined it all, shop this concept

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