Vintage Me 90s.

A vintage style can consist of many items in many eras. Being so utterly relevant in fashion today, it’s always a pleasure to see a comeback or more importantly a  throw-back fashion that is redefined for our era

Is it giving you the chills when you see this 60’s MOD EXPLOSION that has erupted onto high fashion in the last few seasons? Or the 90s MUST in Hollywood Fashion, yes, I did just say Hollywood Fashion.

When we look today, we see yesterday (that’s kind of mind blowing). History is will always be remembered, or shall I say, always celebrated—especially through fashion, because it’s disguised the most in topic, but the most obvious in visuals.

Did you love Prada’s Fall 2012 60’s Mod Inspiration? If so, you must love their Spring 2013 Collection? Love them!



For me, I’m obsessed with the 60s Mod COMEBACK (I’m currently updating my closet with touches of this era). The prints, the cut + trim, the colors, the shoes—who was’t inspired by the Flower Power Generation? Hippie fashion is just a part of California Culture as are Converse.  Speaking of which, the 90s are also a little bit of an obsessed for me. From the fashion to the deviant culture that exploded in that decade, the era convinced me that one day I will work hard enough to have a similar closet to Cher’s in the movie Clueless. Tell me your not envious! Or how I wish in one teenager day that I’d have that Record Store job, in the movie Empire Records—mainly because their fashion (which the entire cast shined brilliant in!) and attitude is impeccably rock-star fabulous. Well, besides talking about the most reflected memories of the 90s (in television and film), lets talk the other inspirations of style in Hollywood—1990s style.



Wayne’s World:Wayne’s World! Wayne’s World! Party time! Excellent!” SNL skit turned two box office films turned cult classic. For a movie that showcased the dumb wit, silly escapades and downright humor of two Illinois-based characters, they really defined an era of EXCELLENCE! With their fashion, it’s hard to assume they’d fit in any other generation than that of the 90s culture. They wore rock, they wore grunge, they wore fun. For Wayne and Garth—how can you possibly miss this obvious recollection? From the plaid, to the graphic tee to the torn jeans—they we’re skater, they wore attitude, in a fun and funny way. (Google past images, and take a good look at their Crew too, all of them carried the 80s in a redefined image for the 90s—how grungier boy chic!) For the female counterpart, she wore skin baring fashions for a tough attitude chick, how rock-star right? From leather to lace to bright or black fashion, she defined the 90s in a Jason Wu kind of way. Who’s inspiring who here? Bad girl meets fashion in a pro-90s influence. How dope, how vintage—let’s party on, Wayne.



Sex and the City: (In the 1990s) Yes, we are all very much aware that this show is a fashion show; but for a show that dominated in both TV and the fashion media, we have years of evolving and revolving for a show that featured four fashionable women. Carrie’s career started both funky and fresh. We saw color, we saw print, we saw many fabrics—and sometimes all in one outfit! This character, as confused and love-struck as she was, carried her own personal style—which is always appreciated. And her love of oooo lala couture, inspired my personal interest (that later became a deep love) into the high fashion culture. Samantha, who exhibited both sex and domination, carried the attitude and demeanor of a powerful, knows-what-she-wants kind of women. Her sexual obsession is hidden through her fashion, but that’s what I loved about her. She was powerful, but secretive; and that’s what happens when your fashion is consistently sophisticated. Charlotte, the good girl that can’t help but be the Jackie Onassis of the famous girl group had a style that inspired a huge simplistic crowd that followed the show, as religiously as I did. She was sweet, she spoke innocence and carried an attitude of positive energy, and her fashion did just about the same. She wore print, but subtly. She wore timeless pieces that spoke of her clean-preen and sophisticated manner. (Strangely her fashion spoke the most of her character out of anyone of the show!) Miranda, who defined the hard-core, hard-working-no bullshit type of women, carried fashion, very sophisticatedly (mainly because she was a lawyer, and always seem to be on the run for her job). She wore color that defined her hair, which outstood the rest of the characters of the show, mainly because her eyes and hair we’re highlighted impeccably though her choices of color (clearly the show had a great costume designer!) For you, which character exhibited the best (and most accurate) style according to their personality? Which character’s style did you personally relate to the most? Or even, which character dressed the most impeccable? Too many fashions walked through this show, I know, but that’s what makes it such an important facet in fashion and in pop culture society. How Yummy.

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