Tokyo Hits the Spot.



After countless hours of studying and researching the trends for the new season, I began a spiral into this fashion heaven when I began to over-look the entirety of Japan’s Fashion Week. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. that was held in Tokyo, featured a list of fabulous designers in the far east that may have outdone many of the shows featured thus far. From G.V.G.V. (that nailed the 60s mod meets futurism concept) to Yukiko Hanai (who’s outfit we feature above) found it’s fashion through the tune of Sinatra (how American appreciated eh?).

The entire season (in Japan’s perspective) features this mod, 60s approach (which has been a feature for all the fashion weeks—thus far) meets a futuristic love affair; we see bright and dull colors, various prints, cultural connections, and straight edged cuts to modern angles–and free-flowing sheers to lace-body-con garments galore.

It’s fashion chaos, and I love it.

It’s always good to see a wide range of design, the creative talent that exists in Japan is absolutely “forward-minded”–taking references from the past and using it to their advantage, as they create the design of the future. And since this mod 60’s approach is very much in (like it was in the 1990s), fashion is seeing a new light in metallics, pastels, and all around shiny objects. Fat-chunky heels are a must, which adds to it’s 60’s smooth sailing.

It’s quite the pixie-go-go era of fun we’re talking about.

Fashion is seeing a new approach to this forth-coming trend, and the best aspect is, is that we’re also including new futuristic trends (in 60s fashion, they we’re obsessed with the future  and designed it in their fashion–miniskirts and everything,’of the new’ was in).

But with all of this talking, I’m forgetting to mention the existence of the photo that is featured above. The dress, which comes from  Yukiko Hanai features, a casual, body-accentuating dress fit. It’s both modern,  feminine and futuristic, all at the same time. And as soon as this dress walking past the runway, one celebrity came to mind.

I couldn’t help but think, this dress is made for her!

She’s one the most talked above women on the planet, has a famous smile, famous husband and famous style. Her fashion has been recently linked to the media and designers that wish they could change her, but she’s timeless and impeccable. For the first lady of fashion, Michelle Obama can kill any outfit her little legs step in.

Why is this?

Because she’s one of the most powerful women in the world, and especially in the celebrity public, as a women that is as relevant as ever to pop culture, she does a damn good job at staying mod and fresh where ever her face makes an appearance.

Staying celebrity powerful, has it’s perks.

With this being said, I think Michelle needs to visit the likes of  Yukiko Hanai, and step into this number. It’s so fitting to her look and her keen sense of vogue fashion.

What do you think?

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