G.V.G.V., the 60s, and how High Fashion is a MUST WATCH.






Tokyo Fashion Week had an array of displays, from couture to our mod ready-to-wear goodies. We saw the 60s, we saw the 90s, we saw bizarre, but hey–we saw all-around glamour, in just about every collection on display.

To me, fashion offers a variety of interests in every collection, if you can’t find the inspiration, or the creative ingenius that every designer displays–then you’re missing the big point here.

Each season, we see an interpretation, and this interpretation in effect changes the look of not only “fashion people” but the entire general public (I’ve told you before the high fashion inspiration on the low fashion dominance…am I correct?). It’s a world that essentially changes the appearance of the world..how awesome of a realization is this?!

Fashion has a way of helping the world move forward, in such a nonchalant matter, it’s almost unnoticeable (well..for those who aren’t so much in the business).

That sucks.

Well, anyways, the looks above are a feature from the G.V.G.V. collection from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week that was held in Tokyo; they featured a variety of 60’s mod, futuristic fashions. All of which reminded me of how this retro-wear kind-of-fashion was just as big in the 90s as it is now today (or…will be for Fall/Winter 2013). And the obsession of the future in the 60s, the 90s and “the now”–is clearly evident in the style. From metallics meeting florals to electric blues meeting pastels, it happened so fluently, it’s literally—wickedly dangerous. The fashion for next season, will be anything but that of the last—embrace the change, my friends.

Next season definitely adheres to this “straight/line–hard/edgy” concept, with clothing containing straight lines and various cutouts and all-awhile withholding this edgy/hard appearance. Well, to say the least, there’s definitely a variety–and it has been somewhat overwhelming to take all in, with the ongoing fashion weeks that are continuing across the planet (the main shows are long gone, but hey, they’re still available to see via Youtube!)–there’s still much, much MORE to see. But ahh, with all the information to obtain it’s still very exciting to see the rest of the world’s interpretation on the future.

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