Have a Romy and Michelle Day.




So…we all know our recent obsession with the 90s (well retro is always in)–but every year, it seems to be a new decade to re-explore (I find this utterly awesome). So with that in mind, I think it’s only necessary to pay homage to one of the most notorious 90s pop culture-esque movies–mainly because it’s ridiculous humor and fashion made it a sensation. Romy and Michelle’s HighSchool Reunion is anything but boring. It’s fun, it’s flirty, it’s funny, it’s sad (in the sense that these women really believed they could convince they invented post-its–sounds like a marketing scheme..hmm). Anyways, this movie presents the 90s–in its most awesome state of fashion.

One thing I’ve noticed is how retro, retro is. I mean, in the 90s we brought back the 60s in our fashion. And today, we brought back the 90s (which in effect is bringing back the 60s mod explosion). Hmm, sounds confusing, but it’s imperative. Everything evolves for a reason, right?

Now, with the photographs above (yes, I watched it then screenshot the life out of this film via Youtube–oh post-millenium technology). Let’s celebrate the costume/set designer of this film–it literally brings me back and it’s so freaking trendy! Romy and Michelle quite possibly had some of the best closets I’ve ever seen (for two broke girls that is). They wore metallic and funky print (very rare for average 30 somethings). Oh, how I miss people carrying their own personal style.

With everything noted here, do you like their fashion? Would you rock their fashion? Better yet, do you think this fashion is applicable to today’s standard of style? 

Well—let us know, @Stanzino | @ShopStanzino.com | http://www.stanzino.com


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