Question of the Moment.

Okay, so with the fashion industry always on the rise (believe this idea—celebrities, Hollywood, rappers, ect. have truly made the general public obsessed with material ‘wants’). It’s interesting to know that the actual retail store is failing compared to the e-commerce aspect of buying. Shopping  via the internet is one of the main reasons why our generation is so broke, (…well on the positive note…yay for the deals!) We have manipulated it for it’s best use (to compare prices in the store to those who have the same product online)..believe me, I know the sketchy-ness after you see it’s actual value.

With this being said, how do you prefer shopping? Are you more of a personable person? (Like myself…who still values seeing the clothing on myself..which too may be changed  for the internet, oh technology, advancing in all the right areas.) Are you a savvy person, who’s shopping for only the deals? 

If shopping on the internet is what is ideal to you. Then what makes a great website? Is it the marketing that is “relating” to you (the consumer) that draws you in? (Think the wording of…which makes me feel like I’m talking to one of my girl friends) Is it the imagery? The design? The unbelievable product?

Whether you have a good experience or not, remember a lot goes into a business. But regardless or not of the work, what matters most (especially to us is what the customer wants. So…interact with us! And let us know what you think of our products, our webpage, and our commitment to you

Creative endeavors are on the rise, so your feedback is important!

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4 thoughts on “Question of the Moment.

  1. fashionista on said:

    love your website and the selection of clothing…it would be nice if the items were updated more frequently. I just wish so many items weren’t out of stock and it would nice to know if something was sold out before clicking the add to cart button.

    • Thank you, we’re slowly changing the site, the next few weeks everything (from the clothing to the overal marketing will be different). So be on the look for newer and trendier clothing!

  2. fashionista on said:

    woot woot! That’s great 🙂 I’ll definitely be on the look out.
    I love your prices and the fact you offer free shipping…great site 😀

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