Romper Me This.

Have you noticed this comeback of 70s fashion? It’s nearly coming back at an explosion into the style scene. Every star from Alexa Chung to Rachel Zoe to Lindsey Lohan are rocking these untimely fashions. With that said, what are your favorite 70s trends? Was it the fact that in that time, designers found it a must to accentuate the legs? (ooo lala) Playing with the minds of everyone, prints we’re also a must, from these mod features to geometric studies, everything seemed to go with fashion. Besides rocking the super high heel, I think one of the best trends to come from the era was the bell-bottom meets romper must. Today, these looks are re-occuring to fashion, but are a classic when you look at it’s evolving state in fashion. we carry a huge collection of Romper goodies. So get yours, with us.


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