The Skinny.

In every generation of style, there seems to be a rotating set of fashion pieces that just won’t bare to separate themselves from the spotlight of ‘fast fashion’. And they like to reinvent themselves every season that they’re relevant. In most recent years we have seen explosions in various styles and trends (the return of the maxi, and the obsession of tribal prints)

Rather…prints in general.

And this season, I love the fact that leggings (which have been jeggings, cut leggings, hole infested leggings, metallic leggings..and it goes on for days)–has such a staying power amongst today’s youth (must go along with wear everything ten times your size…oh how we loathe the hipster scene in LA.) Besides leggings having such ‘fashion staying power’ let’s not forget the need for colorful, skinny jeans.

Pastel is the new Yellow.

Skinny jeans, which have been in and out of the fashion scene quite often in the past few decades. They have such a recyclable use in fashion–because they are so multi-useful (meaning, they can be worn with just about anything and be worn in just about any style or worn in just about any mood.)

They are The Trifecta of Fashion.

Get yours

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