Go Retro, Stay Simple.

Have you seen the latest in fashion from Stanzino.com?

I know, I know—I’m always talking about keeping up with the trends, but this season, with all the moody feelings that we’re captured on the runway last Fall, it’s hard to differentiate where you fall amongst them.

But I’m going to provide you little fashion mavens with a list of what trends to stay aware of (considering you might be seeing them pop up on various clothing this season).

1) Loose Fitting Garments: Okay, so sometimes even I’m guilty of wearing skimpy, tight fitting garments…although I may regret it after I rocked it, it’s good to start staying away from those fashions (unless you, of course, find a classy way of wearing it). Loose-fitting garments are as hot as ever (must be a hipster influence.)

2) Go Retro: Fashion, in every season, brings back a trend that once existed. And with the term “vintage” as sellable as possible these past few years, going vintage isn’t such an antique thought anymore–especially with the explosion of the 90s/60s this season. Remember, mod IS both sophisticated and sexy—find prints that compliment this trend. And with it’s utter MUST this season, finding prints, colors (notice how hot mint and peach are–thinking 60’s yet?), and styles this season—won’t be too difficult.

3) Symmetry: Symmetrical in the sense, that fashion needs to make sense–if you’re style is all over the place, you’re not going to be taken seriously (this is coming from a person who mixes and matches extensively). With ‘going monochromatic’ this season–it’s good to find simplicity if what you are wearing, and yes, simplicity can be sexy (shop these ideas @Stanzino.com!) Find a balance in everything you wear, believe me…it’ll be settling for your appearance.

Shop these thoughts, now @Stanzino.com.


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