My Super 90s Child.

Okay, so let’s just get this out in the open–I’m kind-of-sort-of, obsessed with the 90s. (Strange obsession I know, I should join the rest of society and figure out who this ‘One Direction’ is…ha, NOT!).

Anyways, a good majority of my generation suffers from this problem—I call it ‘90isms‘ + the entire generation that just can’t separate itself from it.

(Ahh, sigh).

Well, with retro always ‘in’. This year, we focus on two primitive eras: the 1960s and the notorious 1990s (in the 90s—we reflected the 60s, clearly these two eras made for each other). And @Stanzino’s, we celebrate now: which includes all of that + more (because everything is repurposed, styled and fitted to withstand in today’s standard of ‘fashion’).

So for colors, anything goes–prints, well..I think you can guess on that one. For two eras that gave a new meaning to ‘youth rejuvenation’. These were two very different eras, defining two very different societal obstacles; for once, can finally come together—through what else? FASHION. 

Art has a tendency of bringing everything together.

Oh, the pun on the world.

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