The Retro Aesthetic.

Remember how I mentioned that ‘retro’ was as ‘in’ as ever? Well, here’s your example–(get the look  Notice the vintage influences? Carrying a preppy/grungy (sweater has this Kurt Cobain>) aesthetic, what a pun on fashion. Sheer makes it’s in and around fashion, on and off throughout the seasons–but it’s as in as ever in fast fashion nowadays. It does bring about some strange memories.

Like in Clueless, when Cher rocks this immensely unforgettable fashion statement. She makes losing your license fashionable…at least.


See, this is a living example, on how fashion is ever-evolving. It is substantial to reflect-–well on the good creations at least. Those ultimate little pieces that you know will last forever, because it’s just so impeccably interesting. Be it’s ‘forward statement’ or reminder of a time of social status or a particular influence. Fashion has a way of connecting us to certain times

Sometimes it’s how we subconsciously remember a time of history.

Realization #1: Vintage is the reflection.

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