Black, is the New Black.


Mod is the New Tribal.

After it’s long revival during the 1990’s, the 60’s fashion scene is back, in a full Mod-Futurtistic feel. Conceptualized for the New Millennium.

If you start looking, really look I mean, at the fashion from the 60s—with all the designers that ‘defined the era’, you begin to notice the obsession of ‘the future’. The 60s was all about it’s obsession of ‘what will happen next’.

Hmm, I wonder if it has to do with the ‘Changing Times’ of the era. And since the fashion from the 60s revitalized it’s way back to Modern Society in both the 90s and now…what does it say about these times? Coincidence?

Oh but the coincidences aren’t ‘coincidences.’

..Catch my drift?

But this is besides the point, the overall design of the fashion aesthetic was ‘edgier’ in that time, and now—it’s even edgier.

Yay for liberalists.

We see crazier cuts, bolder colors, and wilder prints.

And you thought ‘Times were a Changing” back then?

Get the look


Black is the New Black.

..Need I say more?

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