Summer Bold.

Okay, so, I  understand–sometimes wearing bright and flashy colors can be well

…a bit of a ‘fashion statement’.

For some of us, it’s easy and wearable, + not bad for those—-who don’t mind attracting attention. But style on the other hand has to come easy, it can be ‘too forced’ on the viewer. The same applies to art, as it applies to architecture and even film. Being too bold, can scare the ‘beholder’. So if you are aware of your personality and what colors work (and which ones don’t)–be slight, when it comes to adding color.

Remember that if you’re main article of clothing (be it a dress, a top, the pant, accessory, ect.) to find the complimenting pieces according to THAT PARTICULAR PIECE. If it’s a print, find the color, if it’s the color–find the print. If it’s color with color, make it complimenting.

Other fashion statements this season, include–B+W: The Monochromatic Phase–a 60s MOD revolution. Which is the very opposite of this color statement (notice how bold, flashy colors spring up for SPRING every year?–the opposite applies to this too.

Remember the overall aesthetics is essential in getting the outfit just right. So pay attention to your print use, color use, fabric use and cut use.

Get the outfit

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