Roaring for the 20s.

Interestingly enough, last week The Great Gatsby, FINALLY premiered itself nationally in theaters. Showcasing to the world, just how awesome the 1920s was.

Because it was–c’mon, it was referred to as the ‘Roaring 20s’, an era filled with icons like Babe Ruth, Walt Disney, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and J. Edgar Hoover (creator of the FBI and also a man that was later accused of being a Drag Queen..hmm.) Okay, but that’s besides the point, the era was obviously ‘on and popping’ in societal terms today.

It was glittery.

It was glamorous.

It was innocence (…compared to today’s standards, yes, definitely.)

The fashion from the time, has je ne sais quoi to it, for myself, it was so slick; it’s literally undefinable.

The fashion varied in style according to the likes of the wearer, you see Chanel created a tom-boy aesthetic that has carried this thought, this look, with the company since it’s beginnings. (Is that why it appears so stealthy with companies like Stussy, a high street fashion skateboard brand–who use the logo?).


Anyways, the 20s was flapper, it was fringy; it carried it’s own classic appeal that has been lost through the modernized world. I don’t need to sit here and define the 20s era of fashion, we are all aware of history and the clothing that people dawned in those times.

So better yet–you tell me what fashion from that era, truly defined what the Roaring 20s was all about.

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