The Summer of Class.

There’s always something spunky about finding a balance between, classic and funk.

You feel me on this?

What I mean, is that placing two different things–and finding a balance to make those work, is something, I consider beautiful.

For fashion it adds depth, for style it adds character. And for the person rocking this ‘multi-dimensional’ outfit, it carries all of these interesting qualities, because for one; it takes the confidence to be funky (out of this world, or whatever you call it) and two: it’s imperative to find a central balance, if you can’t, you look out of place, which in conclusion–it doesn’t make you funky, it makes you..mmm well odd.

You see the style presented above, by, offers, several different fashion plateaus: it adds classic appeal–with the style of the top (which is why the ‘Roaring 20s’ is so, so fashionable right now…thank you Leonardo DiCaprio and the entire Great Gatsby cast)

P.S.: To be critical of anything in life, you need to be either an expert in that area or know enough to put your judgment in, otherwise, your two sense–doesn’t mean anything.

But that’s besides the point.

This outfit also adds, it’s modern day appeal; via the leggings—post 80’s this particular style has been in and out of fashion (truly depends on the demographic of where you are) AND how much confidence actually exists within the wearer. This style also adds it’s Summer-beach appeal, hello, do I need to really explain what these shoes exhibit?

Some of this is self-explanatory.

But yes, personal style has it’s own unique take on the world, through those who embrace this of course. And who else to find yours through, than!


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