Evolution of Style and Decision.


For a fan of the vintage era, finding a color scheme or print scheme (or even overall feeling) for a time–is what is essential into ‘copying’ (or I like to call it, being inspired by) from an era. For myself, it’s all about the 90s/60s generations. Where nothing really made sense, but had this funky flow and interesting aesthetic.

Confusing but prudent.

Adventurous but classic.

Over the top but absolutely vogue.

Times of breaking barriers and finding the self-explored identity; where taking chances in fashion–was indefinitely bold.

These times discovered the craziest ways of mixing colors (think Austin Powers costume design), flaunting daunt-y prints (you know by the Clarissa Explains It All–era); I mean all eras post 60s broke barriers. But the politics, the changes in societal means and the overall direction of fashion made a huge impact on each other during these times. And recognizing this and remember this through style created by that specific generation, is huge in the sense of tying times of history together.

Do you ever tie mid 90s fashion to the Spice Girls? (A girl group that mixed 90s and 60s brilliantly)

Style can always be discovered on the basis of fashion assimilation–then your in a good state of achieving a ‘vintage-state-of-mind’. Understanding the history of that time is essential into successfully mixing this fashion.

So get the books.

And understand the evolution of style.

I mean, you never know when a trend inspires you, comes back, or is imbedded into your wardrobe forever.

Get yours, @Stanzino.com

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