I’m Blue:


With every season, comes a specific color trend. And for Fall 2013, it’s: BLUE.

Widely used by the high fashion faves, this color exhibits many different emotional reactions. Because for one it carries the ideas of ‘calm, cool, collected’. All of which make you—you know, mellow.

But on the other hand, it carries the color’s definition, literally. ‘Blue’ can also be depressing, a grumpy, low feeling color. But regardless of this thought, it still carries it’s balance (or in this case, the color can be perceived differently on the ‘eye of the beholder’).

So, with all of this being stated.

Where does blue fit with you?

Is it ocean-like? Breezy, calm, chill.

Or is it sad-like? Bummer, blah, whatever.

Well, forget the sad stuff. Because this season, it’s all about blue. And it’s electrifying state of ‘togetherness’. You see, all colors change perception accordingly to the person who is perceiving it.

So I guess it’s good to stay positive.


Get your positive on, @Stanzino.com


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