I Feel The Need.


This season, is a season of minimalistic color use. Believe me, as a fan of the BOLD AND UNUSUAL. This color concept, seems—well….a bit, unheard of. But hey, there is nothing wrong with trying something new.

With that being said, last year, after researching the ins and out for what will be happening this Spring and Summer 2013 season. I become utterly aware of the  this ‘monochromatic’ must use.

In case you don’t know what Monochromatic is. It’s a color spectrum of just black and white. No color. Period. Hmm…as a fan and highly talented student in my color theory class, this concept–well..frightens me. The symbolism and psychological effect of no color, well, exudes either nothing, or everything at all. Like I’ve said in the last post, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. And accordingly to YOUR perception, white and black can be good–or bad.

But well, it’s just so damn sophisticated! (And absolutely MOD).

Don’t get too alarmed yet, your style doesn’t need to consist of just ‘no color’–monochromatic can include a bold color (for instance, in a print, in an accessory, or a shoe)–so don’t feel condemned to believe that, those two ‘non-colors’ are what you are limited to.

Because ‘mixing it up’ is what personal style is all about!

Cue: Neutral Colors.

Neutral Colors, are as natural as you can get. Finding elements of nature, with humanistic likeness–neutral colors, can be worn and loved by anyone and everyone that uses them in their wardrobe. Finding ways to mix them with color, or no color at all–they are needy this season.

So make them feel wanted in that giant closet of yours!

Haha, shop yours, and all your the monochromatic needs @Stanzino.com

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