Pop Goes The Fashion.

Okay, so–as a huge fan of music, I love reading stories about musicians that make it big both musically, and iconic-ally. For fashion, it’s almost imperative to find a celebrity to take reign of a particular style–for all the fans to mimic (a.k.a. obsess over).

This is where role model and public figure get confusing for parents. But that’s besides the point.

Celebrities have long been fans of fashion, so when one becomes ultra-famous, well-known amongst the masses, it’s no surprise that they ditch they’re small beginnings to high fashion fame. This includes all of the rappers/hip-hop stars that have infiltrated the scene.

If you aren’t aware, hip-hop and fashion are synonymous (the NBA is now falling into this category—funny to think, when Dennis Rodman was so humiliated in his day—remember, there is always a pioneer before it’s accepted.) The Notorious BIG put on labels in his music like it was nothing, he low-key built a following for it’s mass appeal.

Hello, do you not remember that DKNY shout out in Hypnotize?

Death Over Designer.

Okay, I’m getting carried away.

Besides what has already happened in the past, today, in this pop culture obsessed state that we are so gallantly in. It’s fun to sit here and discover music stars that are infiltrating the fashion scene in their own personal take.

Case in point—Mr. ASAP Rocky.

Decked in swagger, this hip-hop star is more than just a ‘musical sensation’—he’s lyrically fascinating, he’s poetic genius—he’s fashionably ‘in’. With looks of a model, he’s more than just music—he’s an icon in the making.

Which is why, today, we’re celebrating this up and coming super-star.

Okay, whatever—I’m late on it. But over the past few weeks I just couldn’t help but drool over this guy. He’s got funk written all over him—and who doesn’t love funk?

There’s nothing more interesting in this world, than pure-originality.


But to take a look at fashion and it’s charismatic approach in music, what stars today (yesterday or even tomorrow) do you adore? From their style to their music, (to essentially their play on eachother)? Stars like Kanye West (who also has his own fashion line KW) to Rihanna (who also has her own fashion line—River Island <low key 90s, but carries no original thought).

Celebrity, celebritiy, celebrity.

Pop goes to Fame.

Who’s your icon?

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