Groovy-esque Nostalgia.


Plus size fashion is the lucky strike this season. Whether you’re into the ‘oversized’ fashion look or not, sometimes you have to admit that ‘close fit fashion’ isn’t what is always necessary. It’s about the life that your outfit is exhibiting–so think for this season, layers, and why not experiment (if you’re thick my dear) with some various sizes in plus size). Personally, my favorite collection with is the Plus Size Selection.

There’s prints, cuts, colors and fabrics that are only used in this specific genre. I guess you can say, this is the plus side to fashion. Ayye, puns!

Fashion is what you make it, and if your a Medium – LARGE size, then experimenting into Plus Size isn’t that far from you—remember think layers and over-sized fits. Because that’s the chic of the moment.

Take a look at YSL, a 70s-like concept (or think Rachel Zoe, who’s essentially very, VERY similar.) Layering and mixing the use of various sizing can make an outfit so noticing that it’s striking appeal can truly accentuate your body…without you really trying to do so. Must be that groovy-esque nostalgia. Where simply mixing a belt to the waist, of a larger size blouse with wide leg pants–topped with accessories, is your Prada-being in the making.

Hmm. In a season of MOD BEHAVIOR, it’s interesting to note that experimentation with fashion (something embraced to the fullest by the rebel culture). Is what’s good for the soul, because without change, how do you continue to do the same–be the same–as everything else is out there. In a world with so many urging to stand out, why not join the madness and find your true sense of self, specifically through your fashion.

Whether your plus size or not, this is a lesson to be learned by all. I’m not saying everyone become Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry or Rihanna out there. I’m saying, find your charm, change your appearance according to your standards of how YOU WANT the world to perceive you.

Simply as that.

Find your style,

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