This talk, that talk.


How real is this?.

ASAP moment.

What major events have been happening? Too much Kimye, too much Hollywood, too much drama. Life’s full of it. Where has the art been hiding. Too much celebrity has been shoved in our faces. And it’s quite the boring epidemic that has been poored onto us.

Save us. Please.

Some say fashion is just another bad cause to this pop culture obsession. I consider clothing an art, and how you wear it, an expression. So it’s interesting how we confused Kim Kardashian naming her baby as the most trending topic on Twitter and the evolution of a designed need as identical news briefs as each other.

Then, honey, please.

Fashion is a new age obsession, thanks to the celebrity culture that has perpetuated it. Brands being every things, and the celebrities that are selling them. Without One where is the other? Fashion obsession isn’t  a youth type of ‘crisis’, it’s a form of finding the identity and expressing that. Whether you’re a conservative politician, egotistical rapper, confident model, artsy street artist or tech-savvy genius. Fashion is the interpretation.

So make it your own.

& Find yours,

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