BET Awards 2013: The fashion and the faux pas. The Highs and Lows of the worldly-obsessed.

The BET Awards 2013  was a show indeed. With a house packed with celebrity figures of high stature (notice how we went from a pop-centralized world–to a hip-pop centralized world.) Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar were amongst the winners (Lamar deserved every bit of it). The stars themselves weren’t really critized solely on their talent the other night, but more-like their fashion sense. Ha, the celebrity life–how to withstand the worldly obsession (in the most critical sense, by their appearance).


Anyways, VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE (you know, that Drake number)–was one of the favorite designers of the night, how convenient. And of course, he looked fab on every one of them.

Those lucky little celebrities.

Well besides the fashion that hit the red-carpet, what performances were you’re favorite? What were the night’s most memorable moments? Time for a fat discussion.

Hmm..maybe I should have watched it. But having a fashion-enthused life, is far more important. (#RedCarpetOnly) haha

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