Stars and Stripes: The American State of Fashion


With today being the 4th of July (Yay! America!). It’s all about what you’re rocking amidst the bbq, water and beach babes. (Well, in Los Angeles at least)…Yay for Cali haha (I’m just talking).


This is the perfect time of season to find a splash between funky, and functional. Meaning, anything (almost, anything) works for this patriotic holiday. Personally, sticking true to the American spirit won’t do you any wrong! Like that little cliche American flag swim suit I KNOW some of you girls own (because I do too :p) But rocking the classy sense of fashion, is very chic, especially if your having a few drinks with a few friends by the fireworks.

Whatever, works for you is the way to go today!

ImageNeutral attire is also very chic for today. Staying ‘cool’ is literally the way to go if it’s scorching hot out there (like it has been in the Southwest this past week). Yay for Summer weather 🙂 Anyways, making sense of neutral colors by sticking to pure neutral colors ( or adding black, brown, red, white or blue) literally makes taupe, tan or cream staying gorgeous. A sensual state of mind, yeah? Stay classy my friends.


And off to the all black, seduction look. Trying to look slimmer this day? Wearing black, naturally of course, makes you appear slimmer. But remember, avoid the epic Summer sun if you do so! Adding a bold color to this dark color is of the chic’est state of mind this season (more like every season). The outfit shown above, by, shows the perfect night attire for the 4th! So dress up for that honey of yours and make this night, yours.

Get all the styles, from!

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