Dress Me Up

Dressing up is what makes being a girl so damn fun. I mean, in today’s day and age where celebrities and magazine are dictating our state of mind on what’s cool, what’s in, what’s wearable, what’s not—ect.

You get my point.

What matters in personal fashion, is when you can make it fun; it’s all about finding what’s true to you. So finding a style is the first step in making your wardrobe really happen. And whether you follow the seasonal trends or not, you should always intend to include that one super hot trend that you can’t escape from those itty bitty fashionable window displays. Yes, I know you know what I’m talking about. Fashion boutiques everywhere are rocking the latest in Summer trends. And since Summer 2013 is jam-packed with many and I mean MANY of them. I’m sure you’ve come across something that is a must for your closet.

Whether it’s dressy or not, you can find all the latest with us, @Stanzino.com


And don’t forget to add accessories. 

The worst thing a up and coming fashion maven can do, is forget to accessorize herself. Have you ever come across someone who was dressed very well, yet didn’t have any of that ‘bling-factor’ to their style? It’s awkward. Or am I strange for thinking this? I mean, the biggest faux pas in rocking a look, is forgetting the access goodies—cue in accessories. So adding a fashion-worthy clutch or a set of rings, bangles, anklets, headband, ect. shall never be over-looked.

Don’t forget, beauty should never be over-looked though either. So don’t forget that being minimal isn’t a bad idea either.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” -Leonardo DaVinci.


Another fashionable statement this season, like every season, is rocking the best of the best in classy appeal. Meaning, a black on black attire, is not only seduction in the making, but it’s mystery, it’s class, it’s mature—and it’s damn near perfect for a night attire.

Find all things classy, @Stanzino.com

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