In A Google-able World.

This is one of those Hollywood obsession posts. Where people in the internet world, force themselves into talking about the celebrated ones, the wanna-be so-called ‘gods’ in the American media. Rather—all the media obsesses over. Celebrities have a public profile that is unmatched by any ordinary individual. Regardless of class, status, style—celebrities have the higher ups in the Googleable World we now live in.

So why not talk about them?

Okay, I started this new Netflix Chapter on my life. With that, I started to watch a lot of former sitcoms, teenage dramas and all the fashionable television shows that ones graced our entertainment bubbles.

And I decided to bring these entertaining little shows back up to all of you who obsessed over them. Because I’m just so sick of those modern t.v. shows that are eating up all the good graces of the shows (of the past) that paved the way to this new-world-obsession.

Friends. Friends, was a television show that showcased a group of (friends) that had funny one-liners, strange day-events, quirky drama, and a set of fashion that brings me back to the good ole days. A true 90s aesthetic, mixed with funk, iconic imagery, and personalities that truly fit the attire. If you can’t see this show as a fashion-statement show that helped shape modern culture, then you don’t know fashion or television in that matter.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Melissa Joan Hart, who has been a star since her childhood, (hello..does anyone remember Clarissa Explains It All?) has set a style agenda on girls, teenagers, women and the entire female-world as we know it. She created a stylish appeal since she was a child. And carried this funky look throughout her whole career in the spotlight. Who doesn’t love someone who carries their own sense of style?

Felicity. A series worth remembering. Whether it was for her funky hairstyle (that she shockingly let go…I know you all remember that). Or her virginal, casual fashion sense that made simplicity, sexy all over again.  She also made grunge-related color use, cute and embedded it culturally.  How many people can make casual, ‘in’. Not many, babe.

90210. Do I really need to elaborate on this one? 90210 was a television series that broke all the barriers. We saw drama, we saw sex, we saw confusion, we saw fashion. It was indeed the makings of a Beverly Hills Drama. And the fashion is as wearable today, hello…vintage is always in.

That’s So Raven. A Disney Channel series that made funky truly fashionable. Raven Symone, the t.v. show’s ultra-star made seeing into the future not only funny, but obsessive. Legitimately. I never wanted accessories more often in my life until this series walked into my life. It was relatable, it was funny, and the fashion hit the time impeccable. I’d give it 5 stars.

Gossip Girl.  A more recent series that took the millennium’s obsession of clothing to another level. Serene, Blair, and all the clothing that walked in and out of that show. (A moment of silence.) It’s worthy of an award really. Yes, I will praise this television show for every new-age obsession of clothing that I NOW have. Ahh the makings of a maven. From the designers to the sophisticated looks to the casual looks, this show carried the ins, outs and alls of fashion.


Now let’s discuss.

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