Shop Vain this Summer.


You know what the Summer fashion will all be about right? It’s about finding a a good balance between modernity and flashy. An 80s State of Mind. What best about Summer 2013, is the mass appeal of color and print, but also keeping this sense of class to one’s own appearance.

Be that in accessories, the hairstyle, the outfit’s all around agenda. But I get it, we’re in a time of retro, a must-see-perfection. The best aspect of the trends for this season though, is that they carry a lot of  print selection (yes, including tribal, comic, galaxy, mod, ect.) How must I forget. There’s this graphic-look appeal happening this season, so don’t be surprised if you see it mainly on tops and pants.

But what to stay close attention to, is the odd cuts and overall use of wardrobe patterns this season. And no other better way than to explore this than through street fashion.

To sum it up, street fashion is essentially art.

People in society have a tendency to out-do each other, and especially in appearance. Oh what a vain world, indeed.

So finding bold and outstanding colors, mixed with a good pattern or fabric, adding a good shoe: and your outfit is on it’s way to the upper-light. Fashion and personal style are two very different things, knowing fashion is one thing, and having an own personal style is another. Combing the two, is where we get the delight of genuine sense of self and art.

Now you see where I’m getting at?

Shop your fashion-sense, with US

ImageThinking that a sense of fashion is impossible to accomplish this season, is negative thinking. Finding a balance in between shopping addictions and shopping on a budget–there are ways of building a wardrobe that is imperative to your character. Mixing fashion in a multitude of ways, is where one does not forget to appear ‘fresh’ everyday. You feel me on this. Wearing the same measly clothing can be boring, and almost weigh down on your personal opinion on your own appearance.

So finding fashion for your wardrobe that can last a few seasons, is a timeless activity. Good for you. Keep a selection, of colors, prints, shoes and jackets. And the rest will land of itself.

So find that season-lasting fashion

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