Color Chaos.


We are currently in a season of ‘louder-than-ever’ fashion. Where tribal prints, graphic prints, and mod prints are luxuriously out-doing each other. And where bold colors are clashing with pastel colors, while muted colors are fighting with neutral colors. But hey, who says this is a bad thing? Fashion trends will always stay competing with each other–finding the alliances in those clashes is where we find a true outfit-maker in the flesh.

While the bolder your clothing is this season, which may be a ‘Hollywood’ ideal, finding neutral colors is the way to balance this clothing chaos. This may be a statement I rarely make, but simplicity, is always sophisticated. Thank you Mr. DaVinci for this influence. Anyways. Remember to do two things when your mixing your fashion, use variety and find a balance. This fact: applies to both women and men. Because there’s nothing worse than a mixed-unmatched wardrobe.

You feel me on this.

Get the look above


Okay, I made this statement above, but with the clashes I was referring this: the outfit above is a perfect example of mixed matched goods. From bold colors (like the royal blue) with the pastel use (of light pink) to it’s balance (the floral pants). Using a similar color palette is also necessary is accomplishing that ‘put together look’. I mean, I understand, the funkier you are the better, but there should never be an excuse for a disastrous outfit.

Just remember, to always keep a variety of prints, colors, fabrics, shoes and accessories in your closet. And to rearrange your outfits regularly. Because there is nothing worse, than getting bored with your appearance. Unless your shopping for that new appearance,

Get both of the looks above,

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