Get Mod.


60s Chic, is as hot as ever. Are you rocking this latest trend set by our high-fashion-lords or are you sticking to the same ole street wear? Fashion has a tendency of coming-back..and forth, then back again. So why not start embracing these trends. There’s a reason why they do come back!

This season is all about MOD, a 60s revelation that had the women in that era embracing for the future. With funky prints and bold color matches, the trend came back in the 90s and is now resurfacing today. Along with this Mod EXPLOSION. There is also the entire‪#‎love‬ of the ‪#‎60sCulture‬. (Maybe an inspiration from Mad Men, may be not.) Either way, it’s a trend this season, that you NEED to jump on. Otherwise, you’re just missing out on this fabulous ‪#‎retro‬‪#‎chic‬ makeover. Wearing bold colors against this funky-spirited prints, is how you need to mix and match this year.

Get the MOD look above


Yet another mod look that is a tad bit more subtle compared to the first look featured above. Wearing black and white (the monochromatic look) is also hot this season. Which is as reminiscent of the 60s era than the bold use of color was. Adding a that bold color to any look though, is imperative in taking your outfit to the next level.

With this trend being explosive for ‪#‎fashion‬  this‪#‎season‬. If you haven’t come across these ‪#‎prints‬ (I really do believe that you might be missing this)–from stripes to checkerboard to straight edge cuts. Than you are truly missing out on  the funk of it all. The ‘mod’ feel is as classy as ever. So don’t miss out on any of the trending prints, cuts, shoes, styles that is offering!

Get the look now 

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