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A complimentary color scheme, once again, we have to hit this subject hard today. But in a fitting time indeed, with pastels and brights being the hottest colors this season, let’s infatuate their existed today, hmmm? Finding a fitting way of wearing your clothes might be one task, finding colors, is just as difficult. So don’t keep weighing it out as nothing, because no, not everything matches the way you think it does. Sometimes we end up being more odd than we did when we woke up, (and this thought can be disastrous for some of us.) So, yes, it is IMPORTANT that we wear like-complimenting colors in our sense of fashion, otherwise we look either–too disorganized/over-vintage-wannabe, or mis-matched confused. And when some of us have that ‘too-bold to be true” personality, wearing what we think is funky, might be, too funky.

Ya feel me?

Anyways, start finding all the appropriate facts when shopping with your body type. Because, seriously, not everything we see on others looks remotely like it belongs on us. Ohh, the celebrity world that has manipulate us, cheers to the deceived. 

Shop both of the looks above


Okay, so I’m not sure if I ever admired this, but rocker-chic-fashion is one of my favorite styles. For a minute there the girls on ‘Rock of Love’ and every other cliche-rock-show, kind of ruined rocker-chic fashion for me. So it’s imperative that you don’t over do this, too much skin, might be a bad thing in this case. So balance thy outfit out with a good layer of clothing, and with a funky set of prints, and accessories. It’s make it just funky enough that the rocker-girl within, is open to the fullest.

Wearing a print, with a dark color scheme, is a good scheme to hit this year, either be it in the Summer of 2013 or the Fall of 2013, no matter what, just rock it in 2013.

Get the look!

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