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Style is all about self-awareness. To be aware of one’s identity is imperative to finding the right fashions that fulfill you. If you mixed up in the head, you’re most likely mixed up in the style.  So clear your thoughts, and find yourself through the right fashion. At find dresses, tops, prints, layers, and cuts that fitting to any style-diva. Remember, mixing and matching is as hot as ever, so don’t be afraid to wear prints and colors that aren’t the usual for you–exploration is always a good thing.

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Okay, time for that fun–girly-girl outfit. This summer, like ever summer, we see fun, funky, bold and eclectic colors and prints. But the best aspect of this color/print trend, is all the mixing we see done with them. (Thank you Dolce and Gabbana).

The best aspect of the girly-girl style is the mix and matching of the two. (Gotta love the mix and match 90s appeal–yes, it’s an obsession of mine). Finding the right cut, of course, is necessary is pulling this outfit off though. Personally, it’s not a style I particularly take on, but it’s casual sexiness is what effectively speaks as ‘that girl’. Which is something most people are attracted to.

Being different though,  is always my favorite.

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