Cue the Fashion.


Outfit #1: Complimenting colors, can seriously make a profound fashion statement. Not only can you make two pieces aesthetically pleasing, but you clearly know your color combos!

Cue the Sarcasm.

In any aspect, a true fashion statement is based on not only how aesthetically pleasing it is in color means, but in fitting your overall look/personality. I mean, anyone can swear a blazer, but what face/hairstyle really fits with this. I see women make this mistake more than  some–but hey, today is that day for change. Shop for looks that not only fit you color-accordingly, but style and fit as well. Make some changes to your makeup, accessories and hair every so often. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


Outfit #2: Sweet but Sophisticated.

A Stanzino Concept.

Sometimes being a little sweet can be sophisticated too. With the look above, try buying the top a tad bit oversized (I recently did this on one of my many fashion buying sprees, and let me tell you—my maxi skirts and high waisted jeans have never looked better!) Maybe try exposing a little leg, ooooo la la. For some reason this look screams ‘Parisian Women’. What do you think?


Sometimes fashion just works solely on the color happenings. Finding prints and like colors can make any outfit, a fashion statement.

Prints are always fun to mix and match up, because you can make just about a million different outfits with them. Using similar colors in these prints, is obviously the ideal. But sometimes clashing these prints can be just as much fun too, (or even playing around with multiple fabrics—not just that good ole polyester!) Haha.

Get the look


Who says beach fashion can’t be classy fashion?

Maxi dresses are seriously, everywhere. Finding suitable reasons to wear them, is the necessity. And beaches can’t be any better place! Now remember, rocking heels at the beachfront isn’t such a bad idea—but to me, wearing heels everyday, anywhere isn’t a bad idea. I think that ideal of ‘classicism’ is at the forefront of my fashion thoughts.

Get the looks above today,

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