10 Things That You Should Let Go

Very true. Stay inspired y’all.

Thought Catalog

1. Never ever let someone walk all over you.

You’ll realize a few people out there just aren’t into the things you are. Your little insecure self (everyone has one of these) will tell you otherwise, and you’ll fall victim to someone else’ opinion on how you’re taste in clothes or music is utter crap. Give them the finger, love and respect yourself for digging Justin Bieber’s new unplugged album, or the fact that you like eating your cereal with water.

2. If someone isn’t into you, they’re really just not that into you.

You can’t force love or crush. But you can always plant a seed. Be your awesome-ridiculous self, and they’ll see the comfort behind that skin.

3. Don’t fight it.

Some people completely get a rise out of belittling you. They’re usually the ones who are fighting the toughest battles with themselves. Whether they shut you down…

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