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Oh the fashion..Image

The true 90s aesthetic.

Style is one thing, fashion is another. And for children of an era that defined ‘cool’, how can one not reflect and carry these warm feelings? An era that was far greater in innocence is the chaos of today. It’s interesting to find those who were young in that time, reflecting the fashion of such an era. And who else better, than the daughter of the era’s most notorious figure: Kurt Cobain.

ImageFrances Bean Cobain: born in the early 90s, is the daughter of the late Kurt Cobain. If you don’t know who this genius is. Than it’s under my best reference to rock out to some Nirvana (I’ve been obsessed since I owned a cd player.) Kurt Cobain literally had this mass grunge appeal. He was cool, he was soulful, he was poetic—but best of all, he didn’t care about any of this at all. A poetic genius at best, this man had one hell of a fashion sense.

Now let me tell you, if you haven’t seen the 90s explosion on today’s fashion–let I suggest a set of eyewear. Because it’s back baby, back and better than ever. But for someone like myself who loves the era so greatly, it’s kind of depressing to watch it being chopped up by mass-maniufacturers of fashion like Forever 21–who have slapped the world with the trendy’est fashions of the moment.


So I sit here, on my laptop, and I look for fashion icons that can take a particular era and make a style, that is not just ‘re-created’ but their own.

Cue: Frances Bean Cobain.

New York Chic, this young woman may be the most private child of a former icon. Which is why I shall sit here and respect that. But I will sit here and say, she is one cool looking chic. And I wouldn’t mind if one day I ran into her and had the opportunity to scan her closet. I mean, I could only image that it’s true to the 90s spirit.

At last.

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