Fashion With Thought.


A Love Affair: For the sake of fashion, most of you ladies forget that staying classy is only a ‘going out’ sort-of-thing. Well, I’m here to contradict that theory. Finding a new approach to wearing classic fashion, should be a weekly thing. Approaching classicism is where the love is. It’s free flowing fabrics, loose-fitting garments, darks clashing with lights, dresses, body forming fashion. Essentially, it is what you make it. So my dear, make it your own. Find the fashion, and all that class,!


Peace, Love & Fashion. Fashion is a peaceful subject for some, while a messy, situation for others. Except those others, just ignore the beauty of it all. Shopping doesn’t have to be difficult, it can fun–you are styling your true-personal self (which is perceived by the world–by how you create it). How can’t that be fun? The style above, low key, reminds me of my prima (you know, like my cousin.) Anyways, she’s always implementing ‘peace-inspired’ pieces into her styles. Which may add to her stoner-girl-vibe. But hey, that’s what works for her, it’s indie-hippie love–with a touch of fashion. Who doesn’t gravitate towards that? Get the look above


Where Rock Meets Class: Oh, gothic-rock-fashions. My all-time favorites. Finding innovating ways on where to mix dark fashions with light fashions, is always the up most ‘in’ for me. I mean, I’m sure ya’ll have heard of the idea that ‘black is mysterious’ or that ‘black is seductive’. Well, I can definitely put a truth to this, is that black carries a lot of mixed emotions, it’s both charismatic in the sense that many people associate it to class. But it’s also very punk rock, and dark, grungy–where  many people, like myself, can’t help but be magnetic to it. Ultimately finding innovating ways of how to mix it so it’s character is always perceived differently, is the ultimate style challenge. But hey, style is what you make it. Right? Find the look above!

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