Oh the 90s, a time of innocence and funky fashion. A time where the Clintons had more to cover than Victoria Secret’s models. There’s just something so nostalgic about that particular time. I mean, I know I was a freshy from the womb (1990 all the way, baby)–but you can’t help but drool over the clothing from that era. With the Spice Girls aesthetic, to the TV Shows that flaunted the itty-bitty-clothing wonders, that time was truly–just too cool for school. Hello, remember the Clueless film? A real eye-catching-fashion film, for real, if you haven’t seen it–I suggest Netflix-ing it asap. The platform heels, the chokers, the lace, the sheer, and all the crop-tops to fall for, the 90s, carried it’s own mod-aesthetic. Now my fashion dears, fall in love, fall in love with fashion’s best kept secret. Shop it, with us


Classy Fashion:

Finding appropriate colors to match IS ideal for the right appeal. But colors isn’t everything, the fabric, cut and overall aesthetic matters just as much. Shop what is complimenting, always.

Shop classy fashion, @Stanzino’s!



White On White.

There’s just always something sooooo noticeable about the color white. Is it’s virginal appeal? It’s overtly innocence of color usage? Whatever it may be, it’s certainly a mood changer.

Shop white




There’s nothing more trending this season–than an attire set to the time that struck our ‘inner cool’. Shop all things ’90s inspired’ with us

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