Rule The Runway

So with Paris Fashion Week under critical condition, it’s interesting to know that there are still super creative designers still ruling the runways. For instance, Dior’s Paris Fashion Show for SS14, was one hell of a spectacle: full of drama, lights, and fashion (but that’s what you expect from those that are preserving the House of Dior.) What is greatly overlooked is the fashion that we see as ‘oh, another one of those designers.’ I mean, I hear it all the time by those so-called ‘fashion enthusiasts’ in LA. (Ha!). But since we are speaking  of LA natives, lets reflect on those who’ve done LA well, case in point, Mr. Rick Owens.

White during his opener at Paris Fashion Week, the man did something high fashion (especially in Paris) that has never been done before. He performed a multi-racial ethnic tribute, with women of various body sizes, in one controversial spectacle! Ahhh, in the most fashionable means ever, may I add. What I love most is that recently, in my Fall Fashion Bazaar mag, I read this extremely fascinating article about him. I stumbled upon it because I thought he was an attractive man, designing some of the most modern clothing I’ve ever seen. After really reading this article, I began to see him as one chill-LA man, turned Parisian innovator living one very simple life. And I couldn’t help but fall in love with him…oh, and his clothing. His words, how he thinks, and how he designs, I mean, what woman wouldn’t be attracted to that?

Below is his SS14 Concoction: Enjoy my Haters.

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