Legs for Days.


Who doesn’t love classy fashion? I mean, I understand that Rihanna’s of the world, enjoy flashing off their money-makers–but what really comes from this? Finding fashionable pieces is far more beautiful than wearing skin-exposing clothing. I mean–I am in debt to NastyGal.com like a number of women are, but when you start finding Runway Fashion and implementing it into you’re personal fashion—it can do a number on your self-esteem (that isn’t just body-exposing.)

..Thought I’d reflect this life-lelarning lesson to the high-school girls that are reading this. (Just Saying.)


Pretty in Pink: This Fall Season is all about that pink. From the pastel usage we’ve seen so brilliantly used on the runway to the magenta usage we will see for Spring/Summer 2014 (thanks Chanel). You see, don’t escape from this girly color, embrace it. It’s both bold and beautiful when used appropriately.

So the question here is, how will you wear it?

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Legs For Days: Leggings are one of those fashion pieces that can be worn with just about anything. And not only that, but they can be worn both casual, and ‘dressy’. Which is why they may be so popular in street fashion, and even night fashion. For both the work place, in the gym and even in the club–how, diverse. So really, what’s lingering here is, what exactly is  wrong with the legging craze that has come back into fashion? Nothing. This trend has been a staple in street style for quite sometime.

..and we’re not disappointed.

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