An Instant Classic.

Every fashion season, there’s a designer that you can’t help but wait for. I mean, great design is hard to come by. And classic design, in the fashion sense, is even harder. Some designers stick to the same ole, same ole. Meaning, they have a hard time transitioning out of their over-used aesthetic. Which is heart-breaking at times. To see one fabulous show, then see the opposite the next season. It’s traumatizing! That’s why when you begin to fall-in love with a designer, it’s good to keep your eyes open to the others performing in fashion week. In the last few seasons, (and this is without the help of The First Lady) I’ve begun to fall in love with one particular fashion designer: Elie Saab. Who’s dresses, aren’t just classic, but carry a hidden sexiness to them. Such an appeal, it’s drooling. And luckily, this year was no different. There was floral. There was lace. There was white. There was pink. And there was a timeless classiness that is hard to pull off when sex is what we’re expecting.

Ohhhh Elie Saab, making fashion so unbearably divine.

Below is the SS14 Collection during Paris Fashion Week 2013.

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