The Grunge Set of Mind.


One of my favorite fashion trends this season is the graphic-sweatshirt usage. It’s layered with cardigans, maxi skirts, midi-skirts, and a variety of vintage fabrics that are so ‘grunge-inspired’ it’s hard to ignore it’s 90’s-aesthetic. How yummy. Both retro, and youthful. A true 90’s-sense of fashion. At shop graphic sweatshirts with a grunge-set of mind. Channel your inner Nirvana, shop pleather, leggings, knee-high boots, fringe, and all your grungey-attire with us, @Stanzino


Okay. I get that staying chic can be harder than it sounds. Being beautiful is within all of us. But being fashionable is harder than it looks. That’s why I love living in LA, you find funk, fashion, and fierce all in one city. Some of us are hipster, some of us are rock, white some are classy–all of which are chic, depending on your personal fashion (which essentially means everything, remember ‘all applies’: hair, make-up, and fashion). So if you’re going to dress chic, make it you–all of you.

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Oh, how prints, in every season, are some kind of trending aspect to the season. And this season is no different, when it comes to the very gorgeous, snake-skin print. (For you Peta-heads, don’t worry it’s faux–how chic now-a-days). A beautiful way of rocking a print is wearing certain colors from that print. And wearing it in a balanced way. Any great eye can differentiate this. And remember, wearing particular fashion pieces that fall into place with this print, is of the ‘ideal’. Shop this ideal outfit,

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