The Emerging Trends 6th Annual Fashion Show

Fashion & Retail Society

By Katie Emerson
Photos: Katie Emerson

emergingtrends_01On Oct. 4 and 5, The SYNERGY Events held The Emerging Trends 6th Annual Fashion Show at The Boston Center for the Arts (Cyclorama). I was ready for the night, all dressed up in my favorite red dress for the showing on the 5th. Even though I showed up to the event twenty minutes early, there was already a long line waiting outside the doors to the Cyclorama venue. It was definitely a good sign for a night of fun and fashion!


When we entered the building, we were led directly to our reserved seats and encouraged to check out the different vendors around the room. Representatives from many different stores were showing their designs and products, and some were even giving out free samples. It was a great precursor to the main event.

As a photographer, I had the incredible…

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