Biker Girl Chic.


Ahh–the knee high boot trend (which I will be highlighting in this blog post today—because it’s super trendy for the fall). And that’s why they will be appearing in every one of my outfits on here. [ 🙂 ] Chevron prints are one of the exceptions this season, that I’m embracing as an emerging pattern in street fashion. Not only is it ‘trendy’–a word I generally loathe, but its  mod–it’s 60s chic (another 90s trend, in those days.) So while were in the season of ‘super-90s-trends’, I mean, it’ll only last once (because every season changes)–so I suggest embracing it.


Ahh–the rockstar girl. Shopping for all this rocker-chic, won’t be hard this Fall 2013. It’s hip-it’s  edgy (yet sophisticated, if worn right) and it’s street worthy. It’s ties into music make it culturally embedded as a true fashion statement. So..with that being said, who wouldn’t love to rock this rockstar look? And–we carry a variety of pleather fashion, which is Peta-favorable..(haha, the shout-outs.) And high-neck-fashion is back on this Fall, and my suggestion is to load up–because it will be a chilly season, my friends, even for you LA Children. Shop the look!






Yummy Puplum Fashion. a super-classy-trend that is HOT, HOTT, HOTTT this season. (I already own, a dress + a skirt in this look), and not only is Classic looking, but it’s feminine and fashionable (the two f’s you look for in a ‘night-on-the-town’ dress.) Mixing this will a blazer, or a trench coat is of the ideal–but always remember to match accordingly. For instance if you chasing a classic, sophisticated look–my suggestion to you is to mix opposing colors appropriately, meaning a bleak color will a bold color, is fabulous. For example, you wouldn’t want to mix this dress with a bright orange, now would you? For the rest of the look–choose your accessories accordingly, my warning to you, my loves. Shop the look



Biker Girl Chic: I couldn’t help but end this post with my favorite look of them all. All black is absolute sophistication. So don’t you forget to rock it, as if it is. The faux-leather look is the most affordable look to get by in, so if you need to shop this way, I suggest embracing the below-$100 idea. A high neckline with a cute slit is beautiful in dresses. Don’t layer a dress like this shown, the look is meant to survive on its own. And do you see this?! It’s a power-woman dress, so rock it with that state of mind. Throwing on those knee high heel-boots, with a biker chic jacket and you’re good to go! Shop the look

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