Atmospheric Phenomenon.


Color usage is pivotal in a great looking outfit. I think you can all agree with me on that one. Being matchy, matchy can be a good thing (think sophistication) or it can be a disaster–with no life or appeal. So with that being said—but careful when putting an outfit together, be very careful! One thing I love about leggings is, that they can be dressed up or down–how lovely, a forever combination making outfit maker (no wonder why they’re back in fashion!). But back to the color talk—complimentary colors will make any outfit work, there’s just something so aesthetically pleasing about it to the eye that its hard to not make an outfit work with that color combination (But that doesn’t leave out the print/color matching combination either). Shop the look!


Who says an outfit can’t be done simple? Wearing a high-neck outfit piece this season is ideal for that ‘elongated neck’. Which is both sexy and sophisticated. And who does not want to rock that look this season? While it’s getting cooler out (even in LA), it’s not a bad idea to start heading in to the cooler season outfits (that means turtle necks/boots/jackets, ect). So with that being said, dabble into the Fall 2013 color palette (we see blues, pinks (pastel hues). And using waist accentuating pieces is as ideal as the neck (so yes, my friends, high-waisted fashion is your answer). Another Fall Fashion MUST are the use of knee-high boots, so for once, go out and buy them while they’re popular in street fashion! Haha, oh the 90s—infiltrating current culture as  ‘awesome’ as ever! Shop the look!



One of my favorite outfits this season is the simplistic fashion that is both fashion forward and sophisticated (as you can see, that’s my word of the day.) So body-con skirts (the body-forming skirts that are huge right now)–mixed with a fabulous print (check out that beautiful emerald color!), done up with a knee high boot. Yummy. Fashion should be your own, and the statement-making outfit above is alllllllll mine! Both rockstar-influenced and trendy. Seems legit right? Haha, shop the look

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