Gaga for the Lady.

Today is a celebration kind of day. Where we highlight one of the few celebrities who does a phenomenal job for high fashion (or in her case—haute couture). Most celebrities take whatever they can get, meaning–if the latest Elie Saab number is available, they’ll take it–completely unaware of its value, it’s purpose that season, or even—if it looks good on them. The true fashionistas are the adventurers, the ladies (or men) that explore the clothing that is dawning their bodies. Not necessarily the ones that don’t care, because that ignorant, they’re true lovers of the fabrics that are laying out across them. They’re celebrators, of the artistic value of self-image. Which is the true gift there, finding rare clothing (not caring what others think) and making it their own. Most people feel the need to escape this idea, because if society doesn’t agree with them, then they must be ‘crazy’ or ‘scared.’

What’s truly scary in that thought is, is being in fear of what others think. Gross. So today I sit here and acknowledge the real, and honest accomplishments Lady Gaga has done to fashion, high fashion, couture, social media, and what magazines will never let down. She has embodied a memorable fashion character internationally–as her own. And not many women can live up to that ideal. Sadly. So with that being said, below is a short list of Lady Gaga’s Most Fashionable Momentsrecently celebrated by Elle Magazine.

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