Oh, Marco: The Zombie Inspiration.

Stan Stan2

As you can see we sit here using the same Runway ‘Inspiration’. With that in acknowledgement (yes, I’m being a smart here), we @Stanzino.com, found two ways of making it both classic-dressy, and casual. Although the inspiration consists of all dresses the idea here is finding it through the pleather. Pleather for instance, was a serious fashion trends back in the late 90s/early Millennium and in the last ten years, it’s been here and there (predominantly in jackets and all outwear accessories). Which is exactly why it needs to thrive back into fashion, it’s sexy, it’s city-gal, it’s dark and twisted (behind the mysteriousness of it that is) and it’s 90’s classic. Which is the ultimate trend at the moment (thanks to celebs like Miley Cyrus–who was a child back then). Shop what inspires you off the red carpet, @Stanzino.com


I’m not sure if you found out the news, but Miranda Kerr has escaped her Victoria Secret ways, despite her public divorce and serious street fashion media frenzy. The street fashion frenzy we’re proud of (and I’m a huge fan of her personal style—could this be because she’s a notoriously booked model? Hmm…the fashion wonders. Anyways, there is a purpose here and she’s a classic woman, even when she’s dressed in all black. With that set in mind: we took the ‘black on black’ ensemble and made it a little extra mod, instead of rocking her stellar black pleather leggings (which we do carry by the way) we’ve switched them out for the midi-pencil skirt, with a tad bit of shine—you can’t go wrong. Using a long neck turtleneck top, you can go a lot of good with elongating your neckline. And for the jacket, well if you find it chic–then rock it chic. Add a heel to any outfit, and your smashing darling. Wellllllll—go big or go home with this Model Inspiration @Stanzino.com



Now off to my favorite trend of mainstream culture: The Comeback of the 1990’s. (Ahhh, yes). If you’re in your early 20s (like myself) then you remember all the ups and downs of the 90s fashion scene, and everything you loathed because you couldn’t wear them—(I hated being a child back then–thanks a lot Spice Girls and your ravenous heels collection). Anyways, there was an early 90s look (the Grunge, grody style for some, a lace-velvety look for a few, and a hip-hop urban trend of prints, and mega-color coordination) and there was a later-90s look; which consisted of halters, super platform-60s inspired heels, mix-matched fashion of colors and prints, there was sheer and everything Clueless had taught you (thank you!). You see, the era had a complicated sense of pushing fashion styles, trends that inter-mixed with each other, and all the celebri-stars and mega-stars that influenced them. From the movies to the pop-singers to the hip hop legends that directed us, the era carried a lot of personal touches, which is why we need to embrace it all over again! Shop your 90s inspired fashion with us, @Stanzino.com!

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