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Black, by Image Definition:

Okay, so I know what women generally pursue when shopping; and that is anything that is remotely slimming. So with that concept brewing in your mind, you must know what I’m going to be stating next. Shop Black. Black is a color known for it’s ‘slimming‘ features, it’s such a dark and twisted color that it subconsciously makes women appear thinner. Scientifically genius. In actually it doesn’t make you thinner, it hides what white cannot (or even remotely do). It’s slimming capabilites come from it’s dark attributes, which also apply to navy, dark purple, deep brown—you catch my drift. And maybe that’s why so many women are compelled to wear this. How ingenius. Black to me, is the mystery key. It adds sophistication–class—a fashionable factor that can be included into any outfit scheme. *Plus it matches with just about everything! It IS AMAZING & very much alive in the  streets. Don’t think of it as depressing, because it is anything but, it’s rather a live—breathing–image of visual wonder, seduction, finesse–it’s an item of tactfulness delight. And I suggest to include it as much as possible in your closet. Especially for my single ladies out there 😉

Shop Black,

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