Ode to the Dark and Demeaning.


One of the few street trends that has infiltrated this season’s fashion scene and  that doesn’t always come along, is this dark–gothic style. It’s mysterious demeanor has teens flocking to the dark black, navvy and red shades. How medieval (my boyfriend would be impressed, how Rockstarism has changed the culture of the youth.) Anyways, if you’re going to experiment into this style, it’s good to keep your mind open to new and grotesque things (please, do not think of this in a bad light). Because sometimes what is dark, is what is intriguing; and we all want to be intriguing people right?! Well, if you don’t embrace this particular street inspired trend, trust me, there’s many of them out there, especially floating around Los Angeles.


Prints, the sensation that has it’s own heart beat in fashion. What happens every season, is that there are particular color trends and print trends that are sparingly used by high fashion companies. Most of them vary, only a few seem similar (due to the Pantone Color Theory of each season). My favorite aspect of this is finding out which prints can be forever, not just seasonal items. (But that’s the best aspect of not following specific trends, for every season).

Remember children, be your own person! 

So, with that being said, which prints are your current favorites? Are you mod’est and falling in deep with this monochromatic look, where stripes and chevron prints overtly takeover your closet? (I made that move last season, :p) Or are you a woman, alluring to the  ancient times, where Baroque prints feel your fancy? That’s be something.

Off track, here.

Anyways, shop prints this season @Stanzino.com!

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