From Dior to Demise–the 21st Century Fashion Icon

John Galliano has certainly had his ups and downs in the fashion industry. From designing the ultimate 90s looks that we are re-embracing today, to the haute couture that is still drooled upon as this moment (check photos below :p). There’s just something so fascinating behind the character that created it. Galliano, isn’t just a fashion designer that has re-done his industry, he’s a personality that has transformed fashion, regardless of his mouthy-trends, this man is a creator and that’s all he should be assessed on. From sheers to color, there’s a multi-cultural aesthetic that is combined throughout the years of his designing, including an appreciation of the eras as they have ever been embraced by any designer before him.

He’s dark. He’s Cruel. He’s Sophisticated. 

It’s too yummy to explain. Because we see pastels, in girly fashions. We see reds in sex-ified fashions. It’s a multi-chic fashion genre, essentially created for and by John Galliano.

How conceited.

Anyways if you ever based the man on his recent fashion criticisms, then your forgetting that whole ‘forgive and forget concept’ because if you ignore John Galliano, then Honey—you’re ignoring fashion. And that’s something you can’t forgive and forget about.

Check our below for some of my favorite John Galliano fashion moments.

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